For my discussion topic, I chose to do it on LinkedIn because it has been repeatedly brought up in my classes and I know it’s a good networking tool that I need to learn about myself.  I signed up for it a year ago and I felt that this is the perfect time to actually do something with it and to share it with my classmates.



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5 responses to “LinkedIn

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  3. alaynalim

    Super helpful presentation! I’m absolutely going to check up on those links to help build a more sound profile….god knows I need to by June 2010!

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  5. ivanvukovic

    I’ve had a LinkedIn account for a while now with a very low amount of connections and work done it, but this presentation has given me motivation to polish my profile up this winter break and really begin to use the service. I’m glad there’s finally a prominent social networking tool exclusively for professional purposes; it’ll be nice to keep the pesky high schoolers away.

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