Did I sell LinkedIn?


My Empty LinkedIn Profile


On Wednesday I presented about LinkedIn in hopes of persuading my fellow Com495 classmates to sign up for an account if they weren’t already linked in.  LinkedIn is definitely different than other social networking sites out there today.   This one can actually benefit its members because the site’s goal is to connect professionals and help better your career or business opportunities through these trusted sources.  Relationships matter on this site, it’s more than just finding someone that you met a couple of years ago or went to high school with.  I felt confident about this topic and felt that it was important that they learn about it and really consider taking advantage of the site.

I think I did a pretty good job about introducing and informing the class about what LinkedIn is about and the benefits of signing up for an account.  I kept emphasizing that this is a good way to showcase your talent and your working experience with other professionals who have keys to the doors of opportunity.  Students, especially seniors, can use their network to find internships, job shadowing opportunities, referrals, recommendations, and students may even receive employment offerings.  I briefly went over the history and showed two video clips that gave them a feel of the power that LinkedIn has.  I also provided suggested videos and articles that were more worth while than other resources I used for research.  I wish I was a more active user that way I could’ve said more about editing profiles and content on the site.  I’m really glad I took this opportunity to finally do something about my account because I signed up for it a year ago and in many of my comm. classes, repeatedly heard from professors and guest speakers that every one in the room should have a LinkedIn account.

My goal was to have at least two people consider signing up for it and at the end of my presentation.  I didn’t know how I was going to evaluate that but when I went back to my seat, I saw one student filling out her LinkedIn profile.   That made me feel good about my presentation.  I just wanted to share a powerful networking site that can benefit your career.


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