The Last Bite…

Alana and I had fun with our project because eating was basically our homework!  We decided that we were going to work on adding the sharing content features and gadgets to make our blog more user friendly.  We want to do more with our blog but for now our blog is simple.  We tweet more than we post because we want to keep our visibility so that when we do publish a blog post and tweet about it, it won’t come out of no where.  A majority of our readers are our friends and those who follow us on Twitter.  We’ll probably start to look up and follow other similar food blogs or blogs that have content relative to ours so we can get more readers.  As we’ve said before, we’re also going to add content about other things than just the restaurants we go to.  Also, we’ll probably keep playing around with our layout and one of our friends offered to do a banner for us.  So stay posted and keep up with us!  Because we’ll still be eating even after the class is over.


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